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日本xxwwwxxxx网站,很黄很黄的激吻视频 is a dog training franchise with a unique business model that offers a low risk, high reward opportunity for investors. All of our dog training programs are designed to take place in the homes of your clients, eliminating the need for a set location. You can expect lower overhead costs as you won’t need to invest in rent, construction, or utilities. The investment range for 日本xxwwwxxxx网站,很黄很黄的激吻视频 is between $75,650 - $248,850, with the average investment falling around $162,250. This is considerably lower than the industry average. In addition to lower investment costs, a home based business also allows for a better work-life balance and less responsibility overall. 日本xxwwwxxxx网站,很黄很黄的激吻视频 is a chance at success without the stress of a typical business.

Your investment into our dog training business covers everything you need to get your business started, including: the franchise fee, initial training, equipment, technology, software, vehicle wrap, start-up package, and initial marketing costs.

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The pet industry is a $75+ billion industry that has been proven recession resilient. Expected to reach upwards of $96 billion in revenue in the next year, the pet industry has seen expansive growth in the last few years. As a dog training Franchise Owner, you will be poised to take advantage of this booming industry. Due to the increasing demand for speciality training programs, 日本xxwwwxxxx网站,很黄很黄的激吻视频 has experienced year over year sales growth of 33%. On average, our Franchise Owners make $408,087 annually. Profit is sustained by our 7 distinct streams of revenue: Obedience Training; Puppy Services; Service Dog Training; Personal Protection Training; Anxiety & Aggression Training; Service Dogs for Military/Retired Veterans; and Therapy Animal Training. These unique programs allow us to stand out from the competition and pet owners searching for speciality training will be delighted with our quality programs.

With 日本xxwwwxxxx网站,很黄很黄的激吻视频, investors will find more than a promising business plan. Time spent with pets and local community members can be almost as satisfying (or more so) than the paycheck you receive from your clients. For an opportunity to make your mark in the lucrative pet industry and a chance to give back to your community, 日本xxwwwxxxx网站,很黄很黄的激吻视频 is the perfect option for entrepreneurship.

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日本xxwwwxxxx网站,很黄很黄的激吻视频 is the last dog trainer you’ll ever need!

AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Instructor
AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator
AKC Community Canine
Professional Retriever Trainers Association
Association of Professional Dog Trainers
International Association of Canine Professionals
AKC Member
The Malinois Foundation

Are you excited about our dog training business opportunity? We are excited to add hardworking, success driven, dog-loving entrepreneurs to our team! With two different business models - owner-operator and semi-absentee - owning a 日本xxwwwxxxx网站,很黄很黄的激吻视频 can fit into even the busiest schedule. Both models are flexible and allow you to develop a sustainable business. Ready to get started? Contact us today for more information about our dog training franchise.

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